Monday, April 29, 2013

twenty-three weeks.

Date/How Far Along: April 29, 2013 = 23 weeks and 2 days.

Size of baby: Grapefruit.  Seems like these fruit/vegetable references are all over the place.

Sleep: It has honestly been pretty good the past week.  I don't move as much now that I have the Snoogle pillow.  I even slept a few nights until 5:30am before I had to pee. 

Total Weight Gain:  I warned John that coming up I might have a meltdown about weight gain.  I know the babe is getting what he needs because I have been gaining weight, but in the next few weeks I'll probably pass over 150 lbs and that feels gross.  For the duration of this pregnancy I should be between 160-170ish to gain the recommended amount, but I've never been above 145, so it might be a bit of a struggle.  I haven't decided if it's time for me to start weighing in backwards at the clinic or  not, just so I don't obsess over it. 

Symptoms:  Not really too much this week.  My stomach muscles have been sore again, but I'd imagine that will be a pretty regular occurrence due to stretching. 

Movement:  One day last week it was almost all day, but most days he's nestled comfortably on my bladder so I have to pee all the time.  I feel him the most when I'm laying down.  I think I can feel him from the outside, but it's hard to distinguish between what I'm feeling outside and inside. 

Maternity Clothes:  I'm still sporting my regular yoga pants and t-shirts, but not much other than that.  I found pants and capris that are maternity and fit, but now that it's getting warmer I might have to find some other spring/summer pieces. 

Go-to eats:  Cereal is a staple right now.  I'm still loving salads and we had to make Chicken Caesar wraps on Saturday night because that sounded so good.  I'm going to make Wagon Wheel Taco Pasta Salad today at work because that sounded so wonderful. 

Best moment/s of the week:  The warm weather!  John and I got to hang out on Saturday and I got to see Erin and Ryan's new place.  I also got to babysit my dear little friend Harper (last nanny family) and that was so much fun.  She's growing up SO fast!  I met a new friend on Saturday at yoga and we got Starbucks.  We both order Chai :)

Hardest moment/s of the week:  John wasn't feeling well yesterday so that was hard.  I hate to see him feeling sick.  It's no fun.  Plus I am not super good at entertaining myself, not something I'm proud of.

Gender:  Baby Hammar is a little boy :)

What I wish people knew:  John and I have felt both empowered and pulled around during this pregnancy.  We have learned though that medical professionals can't really make us do anything we don't want to do.  Now we want what's best for the baby hand's down, but it has been a blessing to be able to present a united front when we say we don't want unnecessary interventions. 
What I’m looking forward to:  A girl date with a friend on Tuesday night.  Yoga.  My sister Hannah and John are running a 7-mile race on Saturday in Mankato, so that will be exciting. 

Milestones:  Your ears are fully developed so you can hear me and daddy and whoever else wants to talk to you :)  I've been reading you books about dogs, so you're ready to meet your big brother Comet when you come out.

To check out my growing bump click here :)

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