Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Freebies/Coupons, Part One

Sidenote to my pregnancy posts:  As I post I plan to be completely honest about my feelings and thoughts as we ride this rollercoaster into parenthood.  I plan to use this blog as a way for me to process this journey.  Thanks for taking the time to read.

There are a lot of freebies and coupons for baby products out there. If there is something specific I'm looking for I always make sure to search for a coupon first. I have also scoured other blogs to find places to sign-up for freebies/coupons. Although sweepstakes aren't a sure way (or actually a pretty close to 0% chance way) of stocking up for baby they aren't a bad idea to check out every once and a while. Here are the companies I signed up with for freebies and coupons.  Often times when there was an opportunity for me to register with a company after I was finished they linked me to other offers.  Most of them also included an email list, but I didn't care and just unsubscribe if I wasn't interested in getting information from them all the time.  I will post more if I come across them.

Keep in mind that starting a registry at Babies R Us, Target and BuyBuy Baby gets you a gift bag.  Refer to my post about registering for more information.

They advertise that I will receive free samples of products, up to $250 in free gifts and up to $60 in savings.  (And the monthly email.)  I haven't received anything from them yet, but they ask for a due date and since we have months to go I thought that might be the reason.  I'll update if I receive anything.

They promise a $20 credit towards baby announcements to Shutterfly during pregnancy.  I should've done a little more research before signing up for this one because I already got my email with coupon code for that and it expires at the end of April.  If anyone needs it let me know and I'd be happy to forward it.  After our babe is born they promise up to $329 in membership rewards (not sure what that means) and samples and coupons delivered straight to my door.  This is one I'll have to wait until after the babe is born to see if it was worth it.  I might consider signing my husband up when it gets closer to our delivery so we can get another credit for baby announcements. 

Update 7.17.13:  I got free formula in the mail from Similac Strong Moms!  I plan to breastfeed, but if that doesn't work out or if we eventually have to supplement with formula these full size samples will be great!  Another perk of signing up for this program :)

They are a good website to register on to find other special offers and deals.  They must have a lot of collaboration from other companies.  It is also a great source of information.  There are numerous ways to chat with other moms and moms-to-be here.  

4. Gerber Start Healthy, Stay Healthy:

I signed up for this one through the Everyday Family website. It says they offer up to $114 in free coupons and offers. Gerber also offers an opportunity to get a backpack full of goodies if I was going to deliver at a participating hospital. We are not, so we'll have to miss out on that one. To check your hospital visit:

This only says it's for tips and exclusive savings.  I haven't received anything yet.

6. Johnson & Johnson: I don't have a lot of information from this one because I found it on another blog and I can't seem to find it now that I'm writing this post. The only reason I think it's worth mentioning is that their “New Mommies” program was discontinued, but they still sent me five valuable coupons with either no expiration date or they expire no earlier than next year.

Extra FYI: As I googled baby freebies I had to double check a few to make sure if they had expired or if a company was no longer offering that program. Sometimes the blog posts I found were from 4-5 years ago, so I've been checking the date of each post I read so I don't get excited about a freebie that may no longer exist. Also make sure to double-check if the program is offered in your area. I found dead ends at a few because they were only offered in Canada or the UK.  Some mommy bloggers talked about just emailing/calling companies and they would send products.  I'm not good at phone calls, so I only called Johnson & Johnson.  Many sources also said to mention if your family is expecting mutiples because they will often send more coupons/products.  Happy searching!

Here are a few blogs that continually post freebies:

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