Tuesday, June 4, 2013

twenty-eight weeks = start of third trimester!

Date/How Far Along: June 4, 2013 = 28 weeks and 3 days.  We made it into our third trimester!  I'm getting so excited to meet the little guy.  I have a feeling the summer is going to fly by.
Size of baby: Football.  We got sick of the fruit and vegetable references.  We'll see how the last trimester goes :)
Sleep: The last two nights have been great, but I still feel tired.  It's not quite the tired I felt back in the first 15 weeks, but it's definitely exhaustion.  I've also had trouble falling back to sleep if I wake up past 5:30am because the sun is SO bright streaming into our room.  I guess it's good baby prep.
Total Weight Gain:  I assume I'll hit the 20 pound mark on Friday.  We'll see. 
Symptoms:  I've had headaches this past week, but I think it's my body craving more water.  I feel like I drink so much water and have to pee constantly, but my head still hurts.  I've also had just general muscle soreness, mostly in my abdominal/hip/low back. 
Movement:  Still a lot and still so strong.  I am also able to feel where a body part is because my abdomen will be quite hard in specific spots.  He sits mostly on my right side and that's where I feel most of his movements. 
Maternity Clothes:  There's no turning back on those :)  I am still wearing t-shirts, but it's funny when I'm outside I get a bit of an updraft of wind because my bump is making my shirt fan out.  Makes for a cold stomach on walks since it hasn't been very warm.  I did end up ordering a bunch of dresses from Old Navy and kept three of them.  I wore one to another shower we had last weekend.  (Click here for a photo or just check out the dress in the photo above.)  I actually got that one in pink and blue.  I think they're a tiny bit long, but I'm short, so it is what it is.  At least they fit and don't look like burlap sacks. 
Go-to eats:  Yesterday I just wanted meat and I ate a large bunch of pickles.  I've been making meal plans to keep us from eating out and it's funny to see what I come up with.  Our grocery trips are also humorous to me because there are items that I wouldn't usually buy (bakery cookies, Reeses Puffs, veggie dip), but my pregnant body wants them.  We've been loving Capri Suns lately too. 
Best moment/s of the week:  Last weekend was wonderful.  The babe and I went to a baby shower with my youth group girls and it was so much fun.  I felt so blessed!  They were also so generous even though they're all college students.  We got a lot of cute toys and clothes and some great baby necessities.  Before the shower I got to go to prenatal yoga with two good pregnant friends and have coffee with them after.  We actually had a dance party during yoga too.  So fun.  Sunday John cleaned out the garage and it looks phenomenal now and it makes the nesting part of me SO happy.  We got to have supper with my sister Erin and her husband Ryan on Sunday night too.  We also went to Ikea for some finishing touches for the nursery.  I'll post about it soon!
Hardest moment/s of the week:  Feeling a disconnect from John.  We just get so busy and are both so tired at the end of the day that it's hard to connect or even have the energy to talk to each other.  We got a date night on Saturday, so that was wonderful.  It was much needed!
Gender:  The Dragon Warrior is a boy. 

What I wish people knew:  I stress about pregnancy/labor and delivery/baby thoughts sometimes and I'm sorry if I complain too much.  

What I’m looking forward to:  Tonight we are hosting a family get-together because some of my relatives are here from Nebraska.  I'm excited to see them and my mom and sisters.   
Milestones:  You can now taste and smell and make little baby tears :)
To check out my growing bump click here :)