Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is Baby Hammar a Boy or Girl?

Our twenty week ultrasound is tomorrow.  Holy buckets am I excited!  (John is too)  We planned it on a Friday so he could take a half day and extend his weekend.  I am so happy we both get to see the babe on the screen this time.  It just wasn't the same experience to go to the dating ultrasound on my own.  We have our midwife appointment beforehand, so it'll be a fun-filled afternoon of appointments.  I'm praying everything with the babe is going great.

We plan to find out the sex of the babe.  It seems like the popular thing to do nowadays, but John has always wanted to know and now that we're so close I'm ready to know too.  I'm glad it will allow us to register for more than just gender neutral items and that it will allow us to decorate the nursery for a boy or a girl.  I can't wait to pick out paint samples.  I think it will make it feel like it's getting closer and more real for me too.  I'm happy I'll be able to start calling the babe a he or she.  It'll be fun to see how it changes John's connection to the baby too.  Since he still can't feel it kicking and dancing yet he'll at least be able to know the gender. 

We are planning to have a Gender Reveal Cake Party on Saturday evening with our families.  (Pretty sure I'll be dying of anticipation all day Saturday!)  My dear friend Melissa said she would make a cake for us, plus she's excited because she'll be the first to know if the baby is a boy or girl.  The cake will be pink or blue in the middle, pretty simple, but such a wonderful surprise.

We've definitely taking votes on what the sex is from numerous sources.  For me sometimes I lean towards girl, sometimes I lead towards boy.  John is leaning towards boy, although we're both just praying for a healthy baby.  My sister Erin (boy) and her husband (girl) made a bet and who ever loses has to buy the other a date night :)  My other sisters Hannah and Caitie think it's a girl and my brother Caleb thinks it is a boy.  I think my mom has sided with those who believe the baby is a girl.  At Easter John's parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles took a poll, 3 for a girl, 4 for a boy. 

Here are some other gender "predictors"/old wives' tales that I've found:

The Chinese Gender Predictor: Takes Due Date and My Birth Date

Am I carrying high (girl) or low (boy)?  
I'd say high, but I don't really know any different.

Heartbeat? 140+ (girl), below 140 (boy). 
Both times it's been 150 bpm.

Craving sweet (girl) or sour/salty (boy)?  
Not usually sweet, except for the past couple of days.  I'd put cheese in the salty category :)

Mayan Way:  Year of Conception (2012) & Mother's Age at Conception (25)
If both are odd or even, a girl.  If one is odd, one even, a boy.

Complexion:  If it's full of blemishes (girl), having that pregnant glow (boy).
It's said a baby girl steals her momma's beauty.  I'd say my zits have actually cleared up a little.

Lots of morning sickness in the beginning or still (girl), little to no queasiness (boy)

Cold feet and dry hands = boy
I have both cold and dry hands and feet!

If you eat the butts on a loaf of bread it'll be a boy, from the middle a girl.
 I love the butts!

Side Preference:  Laying of Left Side = Boy, Right Side = Girl

Ring Test: Tie wedding ring to a piece of string and hang it over my tummy.
If it swings back and forth, it's a girl.  If it swings in a circle, it's a boy.
I did it three times and it did both each time. 

Looks like the boy supporters are winning according to these Old Wives' Tales.  We'll see on Saturday!  I'll definitely be posting on here soon after.  Be on the lookout!


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