Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Three Months.

Hey Little Goober,

Happy three months!  You are so amazing.  I can't believe you're mine sometimes.  You're so lucky to be surrounded by so much love from your grandparents and aunties and uncles.  You are so loved.  I can't give you enough kisses or hugs.  You smell so good.  I'm trying to take all of you in because I know how much you've changed in the past three months and I know it is just going to continue.  I love your chubby cheeks and round tummy and bald spot :) Thanks for all your beautiful smiles that I get during the day.  You're perfect.    

Height & Weight:  Two weeks ago you weighed 12 lbs 13 oz, so I'm sure you're above 13 lbs how.  I anticipate you will have doubled your birth weight by four months.  Way to go pal!  I'm not sure how tall you are but I can tell you're growing because your clothes are fitting better, even some getting too small.

Health: You had your first cold, lots of snot and sniffles.  Poor little guy!  You did get to sleep with us in our bed though :)  Thankfully it was short-lived and you were back to normal in no time.

Sleep:  Still nothing consistent.  Last week was awful and you were up again every two hours in the night.  Thankfully that was also only about a week long and it's gotten better this week.  You're naps are still short, but hopefully you get one good one during the day.  We start your bedtime routine sometime between 7-7:30.  We do bath time, pjs, snuggles with daddy and your last meal :)

Diet:  Milk is your favorite.

Clothes:  You are wearing anything between 3mo and 6mo.  I have to keep going through the bigger clothes to make sure we're not missing any that fit.  There was a 6-9mo onesie that you've already grown out of.  I have discovered that baby clothing sizes are a complete joke.  It's annoying, but I just have to make sure I stay on top of it for you.  You grew out of the homemade and newborn cloth diapers! 

Baby Gear Love:  Your gym is still a favorite.  It has toys hanging all over it.  You adore your Oball!  Your daddy and I are planning to get you another one for Christmas so one can go on your gym and one on your carseat.  When we were out running errands this weekend you napped while holding your Oball.  Our cloth diapers are still wonderful.  I've been using cloth wipes too (most of them I made) and the first no waste diaper change and that made me feel fabulous :)  He has started to like his Johnny Jump Up. 

Likes:  Taking Baths while singing songs with daddy, dancing and singing with mommy, putting anything and everything in your mouth and talking.

Dislikes:  When you can't get something close enough to put it in your mouth, when you get overtired, big noises (barking, sneezing)

Social:  You are so smiley and talkative.  We are loving it!  You have had lengthy conversations with your grandmas and grandpas too.  They were so excited about it!         

Milestones:  You are getting so sturdy, holding your head up and using your legs.  I also know now that you really know daddy's voice because when he comes home from work you look around for him.  You are starting to blow spit bubbles. 

Nicknames:  Daddy still calls you Boomer, but I've moved to Goober and every form of the word.