Monday, July 29, 2013

thirty-six weeks.

Date/How Far Along: July 30, 2013 = 36 weeks and 2 days.  Twenty-six days until our Guess Date and no more than forty days until Baby Hammar is here!
Size of baby:  Baby Averages from 36 Weeks: 17.2-18.7 inches and 4.2-5.8 pounds.  
Sleep: On Saturday night I slept six hours without waking up.  It was so wonderful :)  Otherwise sleep has been fine.  Uncomfortable sometimes, but for the most part I still can't complain.  He'll be out soon and I'm sure my sleep will be worse than it is now. 
Total Weight Gain:  I have another appointment on Friday, which starts my weekly appointment schedule, so I will know about gain every week from now on.  I'm so close that a few extra pounds don't really bother me.  (At least when I say it out loud, seeing it on the scale might produce a different taste in my mouth.)
Symptoms:  I'm waddling and sometimes have to have John help me out of chairs.  I previously thought to myself I never wanted to be "that" pregnant lady.  I've been humbled :)  I'm still experiencing the weird groin pain and lots of hip pressure/pain/stiffness.  I'm not sure if John would say this but I feel like I've been more emotional too, at least over the weekend.     
Movement:  He was SO active last night and I even captured some on video.  While I was taping though John looked over and was so excited that he could see it too.  I love when he's excited about the baby.  He's going to be such a great dad.  I've still been feeling lots of hiccups and lots of wiggles, not so much jabs anymore, but that's normal when they get bigger and have less room to move around. 
Maternity Clothes:  Yup, bought my first few nursing tank tops and a bra.  It felt funny.  Sidenote: John and I don't take plastic bags from stores if we only have a few things and I forget my reusable bags in the car.  The cashier at Babies R Us was so funny because we told her that and she very adamantly said, "She doesn't want anyone seeing her bra!"  John and I got a good chuckle out of it because I honestly could care less if people see my bra or any other unmentionables I buy :)  I've been trying to pack our hospital bag, which currently is spread around on the kitchen table, and I can't decide which clothing to bring.  I've gotten suggestions from friends, so hopefully that'll help narrow it down.   
Go-to eats:   Taco Salad!  We're having it for supper and I've been looking forward to it since Saturday when we decided that's what we were going to have.  I've been craving fresh fruit, so I've eaten lots of peaches and raspberries from our bush outside.  
Best moment/s of the week:  We had a very great week.  We got lots of walks in, three with John and one with a friend.  I got to see a few other pregnant friends and my sister Erin on Friday and see my family on Saturday for breakfast.  John and I got a lot done around the house and bought a few things we didn't have yet for the baby on Saturday.  It was a very productive weekend even though I'm exhausted today.  Looking forward to our taco salad will keep me going. 
Hardest moment/s of the week:  Being exhausted.  Knowing that we're getting closer and closer to the labor and delivery part.  I'm so excited to meet him and know that we'll have a baby regardless of how he ends up coming into the world, but I'm still a little anxious.  
Gender:  The babe is a boy.  I'm sure he'll be handsome like his daddy. 

What I wish people knew:  I am so thankful for all the thoughtfulness people have shown us throughout this pregnancy, whether it's gifts for the babe, a kind comment or an offer of help around the house.  We're so blessed by family and friends. 
What I’m looking forward to:  Seeing John's mom tonight, we have to bring her to the airport early tomrrow morning.  I'm actually looking forward to my midwife appointment on Friday.  Having lunch with John's grandparents next Sunday.
Milestones: You're shedding the downy hair that's covered you for the past few months and your hearing is fulling developed.   
To check out my growing bump click here :)

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