Tuesday, July 9, 2013

thirty-three weeks.

Date/How Far Along: July 9, 2013 = 33 weeks and 3 days.  
Size of baby:  Steering Wheel.  At this point we're making them up as we go. 
Sleep:  It's still going okay, most nights pretty good.  I'm waking up to go to the bathroom once or twice, but I'm most often able to go right back to sleep.  I have no complaints.
Total Weight Gain:  At my midwife appointment last week I was up to 158 pounds.  Argh.  That means I gained like four pounds in ten days.  My midwife said it was completely fine because I've been a stair step gainer, meaning I gain a bunch and plateau.  It still felt gross, even though it could've been from the take-out Thai food and wonderful bread pudding we had the night before.  I'm trying to prep myself for the fact that I will probably be at 160 at my next appointment.  It's not fun for me to think about.
Symptoms:  I'm sore and exhausted most of the time, but I'm just pretty sure it comes along with the territory.  He's coming soon and I can't complain. 
Movement: He's so busy in there and I love it.  Yesterday was really hot and he slowed down quite a bit from usual so I was worried, but he picked it back up towards the end of the day, so I'm sure he's doing great.  It was the first time I felt a little worried about it though. 
Maternity Clothes:  Yup.  There isn't much else to say about it. 
Go-to eats:  Nothing special although I've been wanting cheese so bad and we don't have any at home right now :(  I did get to pick fresh strawberries and make jam with my mom, dad and grandma this past weekend, so I ate SO many fresh berries.  There's honestly not many tastes better than fresh picked berries.
Best moment/s of the week: Spending time with my family.  It's rare that we get more than one full day with our families and it was so nice to spend so much uninterrupted time with them.  I got to pick strawberries with my mom and dad, which is something I used to do with my grandpa who passed away last summer.  We made jam with my grandma after that in the afternoon.  It's fun to keep traditions alive. 
Hardest moment/s of the week:  Being without John for a few days.  He had a wonderful time on his little mancation though and I'm so thankful for that. 
Gender:  Our babe is a boy.

What I wish people knew:  It's hard to feel fully prepared, but I think that's okay because nothing can fully prepare me for being a new momma. 
What I’m looking forward to:  Going to the farmer's market with John on Saturday morning.  We don't have any plans all weekend and just the thought of that is so exciting!  I also get to meet a friend from Blooma and her baby on Friday afternoon.
Milestones: Your bones are hardening and you're starting to keep your eyes open when you're awake. 
To check out my growing bump click here :)

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