Monday, May 20, 2013

twenty-six weeks.

Date/How Far Along: May 20, 2013 = 26 weeks and 2 days.
Size of baby: Head of Lettuce
Sleep: I did poorly at the goal of going to bed earlier and I also have started experiencing calf cramps in the night.  They are excruciating!  The one I had on Thursday night kept me up for an hour and is still sore today after icing it and stretching it out.  I've found that flexing my foot towards my knee helps when I feel it coming on, so the last couple nights haven't been as bad.  The joys of pregnancy :)  Here's another post from a mom about her experience with them:  From everything I've read no one really knows what causes them for sure or how to fix them.  
Total Weight Gain:  I am no longer weighing myself at home (technically at work), only at my appointments.  I'll have an updated weight gain the first week of June.
Symptoms:  Calf cramps and exhaustion have been issues this week.  My body is so tired that I need to remind myself to slow down.  That is a really hard mindset for me to get into.  John has really tried to be helpful by making me sit down, but it is difficult when I feel there are projects and chores to get done.
Movement: He's still a crazy little mover.  I don't know if it'll every get old for me to feel.  I love this part of pregnancy so much. Two nights ago he was kicking/punching both sides of my stomach.  John and I were both talking to him.  There were a few that startled me because they were so strong.  I am amazed at how strong he already is and I'm sure the kicks will get harder as time goes by.  John loves feeling him and likes to talk to him.  The babe definitely knows his voice which just gives me warm fuzzys.  He's just as much in love with this babe as I am.
Maternity Clothes:  Mostly, not all today though.  Sometimes I still find an article of clothing that works ok with my belly bump.  My t-shirts still fit, but they are starting to poof out at the bottom.  I think I've settled on my dressy outfit for our first baby shower this coming Saturday, so I'm not as stressed about that.  I'll probably take next week's bump photo in that outfit because I think it's so cute :)  (I wrote a more detailed post about the maternity clothes I've loved so far here:
Go-to eats:  Almonds.  Otherwise pretty much anything.
Best moment/s of the week: Celebrating my sister Erin's birthday on Friday night and spending time with Hannah and Ethan on Saturday.  I also got to spend time with Harper on Friday.  We had a picnic. Getting the rest of the baby's room painted!  We got our pool set up yesterday too.  We are ready for summer!
Hardest moment/s of the week:  The stinking leg cramps.  
Gender:  Little Hammar is a boy.

What I wish people knew: Sometimes thoughtless and even thoughtful comments can be hurtful.  My worries/stresses/joys/excitements about pregnancy are very real to me and I've had to learn who best validates those for me.  I hate being brushed off.  I've had some people say hurtful words, so I've since chosen not to share as much with them. 

What I’m looking forward to:  Our first baby shower on Saturday.  I have friends coming from out of town for it so I'm so excited to see them!
Milestones: You are soaking up my antibodies to prepare you for the outside world and you're also batting your new little eyelashes :)
To check out my growing bump click here :)

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