Tuesday, May 28, 2013

twenty-seven weeks.

Date/How Far Along: May 28, 2013 = 27 weeks and 3 days.  I hope you all had a fabulous long Memorial Day Weekend!  John and I got a good number of tasks crossed off our to-do lists!
Size of baby: Romaine Lettuce
Sleep: I have some good nights and some really bad nights, but have gotten more good nights than bad at least.  One night last week I was able to sleep until 5:30 before I had to pee, but another night I was up every two hours until I finially decided to get up at 6:15am.  I've noticed too that once I wake up it is sometimes harder for me to go to sleep because either my thoughts are running wild or the baby decides it's time to jazzerise in my uterus and he completely wakes me up.  I would assume it will only get rougher from here trying to navigate around an ever-growing belly.
Total Weight Gain:  No idea.  Midwife appointment in a week and a half.
Symptoms:  I have felt great the past week besides the sleep issue, hence being tired.  I think I have my leg cramps under control.  I haven't had any weird cravings and overall I haven't felt too achy. 
Movement:  So much and it's so wonderful, even at 3am when it makes me unable to fall back to sleep.  John likes to asks it the baby has been moving around during the day.  I love that he's interested.
Maternity Clothes:  Yup.  I can still fit into my old t-shirts, but some of them are starting to pop out at the bottom because of my bump.  I've found some great maternity clothes steals, but it still seems like so much money for clothes I might wear a few months.  Hopefully most of the items will work for my next pregnancy and I will be able to pass them along to other pregnant family or friends when I'm done with them.  I did break down and buy a few dresses online that will hopefully come on Friday/Saturday.  I bought them from Old Navy.  The only dress I've found so far is one from H&M.  I wore it to our first baby shower on Saturday (Click here to see a photo.)  It was only $12.95 and very comfortable! 
Go-to eats:  Meat, but then vegetarian.  Salads again.  Light, summer foods. 
Best moment/s of the week:  Our first baby shower.  I got to see so many friends from out of town and other family and friends came.  It was so wonderful!  I felt so loved and was so humbled by how loved the baby already is.  He got a lot of great books and baby essentials.  It was even more fun after I brought the gifts home because John was excited to see what we got and helpful with putting them away.  Yesterday was a great day for John and I and baby too.  We went to Target for hopefully our last registry trip.  I've been managing them online, but it's nice to actually be in the store to scan items.  We made some big item decisions and feel good about what we've got on there.  We also stopped at TJMaxx and I think John had just as much fun looking as I did.  He picked this out and I picked this out :) I also got to walk with another pregnant friend yesterday morning.
Hardest moment/s of the week:  The weather has been rainy and crummy, but honestly it has been a great week!
Gender:  The baby is a Mr. 

What I wish people knew:  I've been hard on people here lately, but I didn't necessarily mean it as harshly as it may have came across.  I want people to know that I'm thankful for them, thankful when they offer help or a kind word, when they bring gifts for the baby or just ask me how I'm doing.  I'm thankful for listening ears and the vulnerability that comes when others share their journeys of pregnancy and birth.  

What I’m looking forward to:  I get two lunch dates this week and another baby shower on Saturday.  I'm so excited to see all my ladies that have come home from college and other pursuits!   
Milestones:  You are now practicing inhaling and exhaling and have regular sleeping and waking cycles.
To check out my growing bump click here :)

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