Monday, March 11, 2013

sixteen weeks = four months!

Sidenote to my pregnancy posts:  As I post I plan to be completely honest about my feelings and thoughts as we ride this rollercoaster into parenthood.  I plan to use this blog as a way for me to process this journey.  Thanks for taking the time to read.

Date/How Far Along: March 11, 2013 = 16 weeks, 2 days.

Size of baby: Avocado..

Sleep: I still can't complain about sleep.  I'm usually pretty comfortable.  I haven't started sleeping or lounging on the couch with a pillow between my legs.  I think that helps my hips be less sore.   

Total Weight Gain:  I think my estimate was too high last week after I weighed myself in, but I'm going to our midwife on Friday, so I'll get an official weight then.  I'm supposed to gain 1 pound a week now since I'm in my second trimester, so I should've gained 7.5 total since I started.  We'll see.

Symptoms: Today was a great week and I honestly have no complaints.  I know each week and even each day is different, but I'm going to savor this one since it was pretty darn good.

Movement: Nothing yet, but I'm patiently waiting.  I had a friend tell me she didn't feel her baby girl until 22 weeks because of how her uterus was positioned, so I might be patiently waiting for a while.  I'm just so excited for it to happen! 

Maternity Clothes: Yup. Not full time yet though.  I'm thankful for them because they're just more comfortable overall than my regular clothes.  I'm worried about what I'll pack for Florida in two weeks.  I'm pretty sure it'll be a bunch of athletic shorts and my maternity t-shirts.  I have NO IDEA what to do about a swimsuit.  I might just try to rock a two-piece and not care what anyone else thinks.

Go-to eats:  Cheese and romaine lettuce.  I went through two packages of lettuce last week.  I am always so hungry while we're cooking supper, so usually I have a salad as an appetizer.  There isn't really anything that makes me feel queasy.

Best moment/s of the week:  Seeing friends and finally getting some energy back.  I was SO thankful to see Keri and Kate and it was fun to get to spend time with Marley and Kendra.  I also feel like I got lots done around the house because I had extra energy.  
Hardest moment/s of the week: 
Daylight Savings. 

Gender: I have no idea.  Daddy is still thinking you're a boy.  I can't wait until 20 weeks when we'll hopefully get to find out for sure.  I've been researching where we can get cakes that are pink or blue on the inside :)

What I wish people knew:  I believe most pregnant women do their best to do what's right by their baby and themselves, whether it's eating something on the no-no list once and a while, having coffee, sitting on the couch instead of exercising.  We're all doing our best so don't judge or feel like we'd appreciate negative criticism or correction.  

What I’m looking forward to:  Seeing my dear friend Emily and her babe Leo on Wednesday and having an official midwife appointment on Friday. 

Milestones:  Your taste buds are forming!  I seriously hope you have the same love for sushi that I do, so we can drag daddy there at least once a week.

To check out the growing baby bump, click here :)  

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