Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guest Post: Becoming an Auntie

I asked my youngest sister to write this Guest Post for me this morning because she has a snow day and got the day off.  Her district had the day off yesterday too because it was the end of the trimester.  Lucky girl! She is wonderful and I adore her.  Ten years separates us so she provided me with a lot of my infant experience early on.  She turned sixteen a few months ago and got her driver's license.  It seems like she grew up so fast and I have trouble still calling her my little sister even though she's not so little anymore.  She is a diving in the fall, a gymnast in the winter and runs track in the spring.  She has a lot of athletic talent.  We know she'll be a great auntie and the baby will be so blessed to have her in his/her life.  Thanks for the sweet post Cate!  Love you! 

Cate the day she found out :)

"Auntie Cate"..I can't wait to hear those words come out of the sweet little baby's mouth. How exciting to get to hear those words! When I found out I was "head-over-heals" excited! I have been waiting 5 years to get the news of getting to be an auntie, now I just have to wait patiently for 5 more months, but at least I know the precious babe is coming. I love hearing about the progressions in Em's pregnancy. I was the youngest so I never got to see my mom go through this. So getting to see my sister experience this is so cool to me. I just wish I lived closer to her, so I could feel her belly :) I know Emily will be a GREAT mom.

To the future Little Hammar--I can't wait till you are here. I am sure there will be some arguing of who gets to hold you. So get ready for the Latt craziness:)

P.S. You are going to have awesome parents!!:)

Love, Caitie

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