Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Best Men and a Memory Log

My best men, John and Comet.  There could be another in my life, but we won't know until April.
Update 5.7.13:  Baby Hammar is a Boy!

I want to keep a list of activities/events/memories I do not want to forgot during this pregnancy.  This post is definetly for my own personal enjoyment/memory log, but feel free to read anyway :)

- John told me my baby belly is cute. 
- When we were at Motherhood Maternity last weekend John saw peepee teepees and had no idea what they were. We had a good laugh after I explained it. 
- This week (mid 15th) I finally stopped feeling exhausted. 
- Maternity clothes are really comfy, but can be crazy expensive so shop wisely.
- Remember that weight gain is a positive. 
- Cheese and romaine lettuce have been delicious. 
- The neighbors Allie and Rick are expecting three days before us. 
- Our friends Keri and Jeremy are expecting in June. 
- I've tried talking to the babe, but I feel silly. I won't quit trying.
- Coffee dates with Laura.  I'm going to miss her when she goes off to college.
- Being rubbed and loved on by Marley and Kendra.
- Lunch dates with Kate and Keri.
- Crazy dreams.  I've had one where John was no where to be found when I went into labor.  I had one where we decided to go on a dating show.  
- At week 15, day 4 I finally had some energy back!  I walked four miles that day.  My body was very upset, but I had the energy.
- Remember that pregnancy could be all about deprivation, but it's really about being safe and healthy.
- I love our family's excitment about the babe.
- I started sleeping with a pillow between my legs at 16 weeks.  I also feel like I am visibly pregnant now.
- Remembering to enjoy the time we have with Comet sans babe.  He's going to need some extra tlc once the babe arrives.
- I actually don't mind people touching my belly.  It might get old, but I especially find it endearing when it's a friend or family member.  I haven't had a stranger do it yet though.

Update 5.7.13:
-  Hearing, "You're showing, it's so cute."
-  Popped during week 18.
-  March 30: TSA agent asked if I was having a baby :)
-  March 30:  Babe's first movements.  Having a dance party in there during church.
-  When we found out we were having a boy, John talked about bringing him to Gopher games on the way home.  He's so excited.
-  April 28:  Daddy feels you for the first time.
-  You and I love reading books about dogs, especially Harry the Dirty Dog.
-  Your momma loves prenatal yoga.
-  Feeling so blessed and loved as friends and family ask if they can host baby showers for us.
-  May 5: We started painting the walls in your nursery.

Update 6.18.13:
-  May 7:  We had a howling party with Comet and the baby loved it.
-  May 11:  My mom, John's mom, Hannah and Cate felt him move.
-  May 15:  Marley raps Eminem for the babe.
-  May 29:  John thanked me for carrying our baby.
-  May 25 and June 1: Our first two baby showers.  SO much fun!  The babe got so many great and thoughtful gifts.  I loved seeing all the people who were able to attend as well.
-   May 30:  First Braxton-Hicks contraction.
-  Week of June 10:  We basically finished the nursery.
-  June 16:  Celebrating Father's Day
-  June 21:  The start of midwife appointments every two weeks instead of every month.

This will be a post that I continually add onto :)

For baby bump and baby related photos, click here!

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