Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Sweet Family

Today is a special day at our house.  It is Comet's 2nd birthday and John and my 3rd anniversary.  I couldn't ask for a better family!  I love how I'm a plan everything to a T gal and God mixed my plans up because His were way better than mine :)  He's got a sense of humor, I'm sure of it.  I feel so blessed!

He's my boy.  I love him SO much!  I had never had an indoor dog until John and I decided to get him and I seriously didn't know what to think of it.  Now he sleeps in our bed and eats our food with us.  He's so spoiled.  I have yet to feel the love of having a child, but I think Comet resembles how I'll feel.  He listens to me when I need to talk to someone, especially when I don't want anyone to talk back to me, he takes me on walks, he tolerates the costumes that I buy for him and make him wear, he sings with me, he does tricks, he shakes when I get home because he's so excited, he barks are squirrels and loves to snuggle.  He is the best dog ever!  I wouldn't trade him for anything.
He's my man :)  I seriously wouldn't trade him for anything and truly believe God had a perfect match for me.  He's so handsome, he loves Jesus, he's hardworking, he keeps things in perspective for me, he loves me for me, he will someday be a great dad, he has a wonderful smile, his sense of humor cracks me up, he provides for me and Comet, he helps me with my homework, he laughs at my terrible jokes, he'll dance to rap music with me, he takes me on dates, he pursues me, he doesn't let me get away with saying "I'm fine", he pushes me to be my best, he doesn't let me quit, he lets me cry on his shoulder, he doesn't walk out when I get irrational, he is strong, he's SO smart, he strives to make me happy even if it means doing a stupid little dance or joke, he helped me train for a marathon, he's driven.  He is my hero, for real.  I love him more than anything.  I thank God for him everyday.  What a wonderful gift I've been given.


  1. You're the sweetest lady that ever was. I love you so much! Dewey loves you too!

  2. Em and John! Happy Anniversary! Anything special planned?

  3. Bonnie, we're going out to eat and seeing the comedian Daniel Tosh on Saturday :)