Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Telling Our Families

Sidenote to my pregnancy posts:  As I post I plan to be completely honest about my feelings and thoughts as we ride this rollercoaster into parenthood.  I plan to use this blog as a way for me to process this journey.  Thanks for taking the time to read.

This was such a wonderful and memorable experience for John and me. Our immediate families knew we were trying so we knew it wouldn't be too big of a surprise when we broke the news, but very exciting nonetheless.  We had originally decided that we wouldn't tell anyone until after our first doctor's appointment.  It was more my decision because I didn't want anything to happen to the babe and then have to tell everyone that news after the happy news.  John was level-headed about it and figured we'd have people praying for us and supporting us no matter what so let's go for it and spill the beans.  It just so happened that we found out right before Christmas so that made me want to break the news even more.  

We knew we would see my family on Sunday, John's family on Monday, my extended family on my mom's side on Tuesday and my extended family on my dad's side the next Saturday.  We knew we could call and Skype everyone else who we wanted to tell in that time as well.  It was the perfect scenario for us to tell everyone in less than a week's time, plus getting to tell a lot of family in person was special to me.  John and I decided that we wanted to get books for our parents to open and we made cards to go with them.  My mom got a book of Bible stories and my dad got a farm book, John's mom got a collection of Curious George stories and his dad a book about grandpas.  The front of the card only read "This is a sesame seed."  I had glued an actually sesame seed onto the card.  (Photo!)  It was the size of our baby at 5 weeks.  One of John's many hidden talents is poems/stories.  I've gotten some of the best homemade cards from him because he writes the best poems.  Here's what he wrote for the inside of the card:  

I can't wait for the day we first meet,
so you can show me all the things that are real neat.  
We'll play toys, read books and be really good friends, 
and as I get older our friendship will never end.
I know in my heart you'll be there for my needs,
but for now I'm only the size of a sesame seed.

We celebrated Christmas at my mom and dad's on Sunday.  We had to get through dinner and dishes before we even started gift opening.  My mom and dad opened their books and read the card.  My mom was doing a little cheer and yelling and John claims my dad was a little teary.  (Photo!)  SO much fun!  We got hugs from everyone.  After that all my siblings were teasing that no one's gifts can be better than that so we should've waited until everyone else was done.  After the festivities died down at my house we went over to Mark and Sue's and told them we had a gift that couldn't wait.  They opened the card, but Sue couldn't read it because she didn't have her glasses.  While she was looking she kept yelling at Mark to stop reading without her.  She finally found them and started crying.  (Photo!)  It was so sweet.  There were hugs all around.  Everyone was told that the news was still hush hush because we still wanted to tell others ourselves.

We got to tell John's sister and her family and his extended family on his dad's side via Skype on Christmas Eve.  John also called his Gram and Gramp Christmas Eve to share our news.  On Christmas Day we made the long drive to Nebraska to see my mom's family.  My mom had been anxiously waiting for us to get there so we could share the news.  My sister's told me she even had to lie to my aunts the night before.  She had brought her sesame seed card with :)  Everyone was so excited for us, especially my grandma (Photo!)  It was just so happy.  What a fun and memorable Christmas!  The next Saturday was the Latt Christmas.  I didn't really know how to break the news here because my Grandma had been with at our immediate family Christmas, so I decided to wait patiently until someone asked about babies.  Since John and I have been married over five years with no babies usually people ask and not subtly.  We get "When are you guys having a baby?" questions.  No one asked anything!   The night was getting later and I didn't know what to do.  John was downstairs with my uncles and cousins watching football and I was upstairs with the women just chatting.  My uncle Dave came up and asked if I had any news.  (John is a stinker.)  I told him we were having a baby, surprise!  I got hugs again and was happy that the news was out in the open.  I love all my families :)

We (I) decided not to break the news to our friends until after our first midwife appointment which was 2.5 weeks away.  That was fine with me and I felt good about making it to almost 9 weeks before letting other people know.  That was a fun experience too, but I'll save that for another post.  For other photos of telling our families and the Dragon Warrior, click here or visit www.thehammarfamily.shutterfly.com.

For any family members who are reading this thanks for being great!  We love you all very much and know our little dragon warrior will be loved.  He/She is so blessed to be born into this family full of love and support.  Thanks for everything!  

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