Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Job Search

I graduated with my undergraduate degree in December 2011 and from there I started searching for jobs.  It's a difficult and frustrating process, which I thought would be easier after getting a degree. That is false at least in my experience.  I applied for numerous jobs, most of which I didn't even hear back from.  At first I focused on full time jobs that were in my field, then part-time jobs in my field.  My frustration continued to mount because it was such an open-ended process.  I would apply and most often hear nothing either way.  How much time does it take to just send an email saying they chose someone else or I am not qualified or whatever the reason.  It would have just been easier to know either way, so I could move onto other positions. 

One job that I was incredibly excited about was in a school setting working with at-risk kids.  A couple days after I applied I actually heard back, they had already filled that position, but had another position that I was even more excited about.  It was working in an emergency home for teens with psychological problems.  My heart was beating faster as the woman talked about it on the phone.  At the end of the call she dropped the bomb.  I would have to work every weeknight except for one and every weekend.  Hmmm... what to do.  My thought process about it was relatively simple, even though most people I've talked to said I should have decided differently or at least given it more thought.  John works during the day and has nights and weekends off and my marriage is the most important relationship in my life, therefore I didn't want to take a job that put strain on my marriage and have an opposite schedule as my husband.  From there I got started looking for nanny jobs.  It seemed like a logical move for me because I love kids and I was getting bored sitting at home.

There is a fabulous website called and it is where I found two previous PCA (personal care attendant) positions, so I concentrated my search there.  I would recommend the site to anyone who is searching for a care position.  I knew I wanted full-time or close to full-time, but it didn't matter to me how many kids or what their ages.  I talked with a number of families over the course of a couple weeks.  Enter Leif, Melissa and Harper.  Before meeting them in person I talked to Leif on the phone for a few minutes to set up a time to meet them in person.  They only wanted part-time, which was the only part of the position I wasn't sure about.  I remember I met them on a Tuesday night and I felt welcome right when I walked into their home.  They were/are a warm, loving, kind couple and their babe is adorable.  They offered me the job that night and I accepted, even though they said I could think about it :)  I felt comfortable and I knew it was the right place for me.  We have been building a lasting friendship ever since.    


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