Monday, December 1, 2014

To My 27th Year: Monthly Follow-Up

So much for posting even a few times through the Hopes and Plans link-up. This month has been crazy and I had intentions of blogging on Mondays, but the free time just didn't present itself. Due to that I decided that I want to commit to writing a follow up to my post To My 27th Year the first Monday of each month. I hope that I'm able to follow through for the whole year, so I can look back and see how I've done.  Since I'm linking up, go check out Amanda's blog Marry Mint :)

Hopes and Plans

Here's to the September of my 27th year...

1. Use Less Technology - Not much has changed in this department.  I have left my electronics out of the bedroom, but haven't been very deliberate about limiting my time using them.  I did however remember to bring my watch so I was able to leave my phone outside of the room we stay in at my in-laws over Thanksgiving.  Truly being unplugged at night is a great feeling for me.  I'm just going to stick with what's working for this month since I know it's going to be so busy with Christmas sneaking up on me :)     

2. Bake My Little Heart Out - This month I don't think I made anything actually homemade!  I did bake some packaged cinnamon rolls and cookies from a bag, but I'm not thinking that counts.  I'm hoping Kai and I can make some Christmas cookies this month, but finding the time is the tough part.  I'd love to hand out some baked goods to our neighbors.  I'll cross my fingers :)  I'm having a friend over for her birthday this Thursday, so I'm going to make something delicious for breakfast.  Even if it doesn't include baking I'm going to count it. 
3. Take Advantage of Snail Mail -We sure did make a few Thanksgiving crafts to send to grandparents!  We only got around to using the stickers though, maybe next year Kai will be a bit more patient.  We sent a letter today to Kai's cousins and I have about seven letters in the works right now, but I'll count those in next month's tally.  I ran out of stamps this morning, so I'm considering that a win for snail mail!

4. No Picking - No change, but my face has been a bit more clear because of the dry weather.  Can't really count that as finding any self-control though. 
5. Church - We went 3/4 weekends in November!  It was wonderful.  Kai and I went once alone because John had hockey, but we went the other two weekends as a family.  Kai did okay in the nursery, but was always crying when we went to pick him up.  The helpers in there said he was fine until parents started showing up so I'm crossing my fingers that's actually the case.  We missed this past weekend, but I'm already thinking about which service we'll attend next week.
6. See a Friend - The flow of friends in my life has been steady and wonderful.  The most special to date was last Friday.  Right after John and I moved to the Twin Cities I got involved in a church youth group volunteering with a great group of girls.  I got to lead their small group from 10th-12th grade.  They are now in college, getting boyfriends, some getting close to graduating and thinking about marriage.  They have a Facebook group that I occasionally stalk because they are notoriously difficult to get a hold of.  They planned a small get together for half-price apps at Applebees last Friday and I crashed their party.  It was so wonderful to see them all.  I love them dearly and wish we had more time to spend together.  I don't think they'll ever know just how much impact they had on my life.  Here's to hoping I'll get to see some or all of them over Christmas break!
7. Go Walking/Exploring - It's freezing here so we maybe we on one outside walk in the past month.  Most of our walks now are at the mall, which isn't terrible, but it's not outside.  We haven't explored too many new places, but that's ok.  Kai and I did go to the zoo last week and it's amazing how much he's growing and developing.  He walked most of the zoo as I braved it without a stroller.  He climbed through all the tunnels and smiled and waved at other kids.  
8. Sew/Craft: Christmas crafting is in full swing!  I've finished lots and lots of ornaments, four crowns, some napkins and a Give Me Jesus embroidery loop.  I still have lots to finish so I'll be working away!  One fabulous thing that happened this past month was the second homemade gift exchange I decided to participate in.  The blogger from Craftaholics Anonymous puts it on twice a year, once in the summer and once around the holidays.  If you want to check it out it's right on the top toolbar on her blog. I did it this past summer and didn't receive a gift in return, but my partner said my gift is on it's way this time around.  Here's what I made her:

9. Savor - I'm working on it everyday.  Sometimes I just sit and watch Kai take the world in.  It's the best feeling ever.  I love it!

Thanks for reading!  My boy is telling me that he's awake, so I'd better get him.  Have a wonderful Christmas season!

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  1. No picking?! Ahhh! I'm a die hard picker myself...that's a good one! Again, cheers to 27 :)