Wednesday, August 27, 2014

{One Year}

Dear sweet Kai,

Guess what?  You turned one!  Can you believe it?  I'm not really sure I can!  I can remember in detail the events of the Friday and Saturday of your birthday.  I remember when I went into labor, remember telling your daddy I thought I might be in labor, remember having contractions while we walked around the lake, remember my water breaking, driving to the hospital... and so much more :)  I thought maybe I'd lost some of the details, but nope.  Boy was it all worth it!  Baby Shoop Shoop you were so worth it, all of it!  I can't believe you've grown up so fast!

We had a wonderful time celebrating you on your birthday.  You got some of your favorite foods, you got cake (Friday and Saturday) and you were blessed by so many gifts.  You were hugged and held by lots of people who love you.  We took lots of pictures to commemorate your big day.  You are so loved!  We felt so blessed by all the people there who wanted to celebrate your special day and we hope their are many more wonderful birthdays to come.

Sweet boy I want you to know that I love you and lots of incredible events happened this past year, your first year.  I am so proud of you!  I could stare at your while you're learning.  You learned to breastfeed after a rough start, you've learned to crawl, sit up and roll over, you've learned to eat table foods, you've learned to say mama and dada and da (for your Comet).  You are taking steps and you laugh when others are laughing and yell at others when they're not paying attention to you.  Right now you do a funny thing where you crawl around in circles and make silly noises.  You wiggle and scream while getting your diaper changed and you would rather be naked than dressed.  You love playing outside in water or sand.  You love going for walks in your stroller.  You love dogs. I don't want to forget anything about you. Sometimes I snuggle you extra time if you fall asleep in my arms because I know I won't get this time back.  Please stop growing so quick!

You are a lucky boy because you have the greatest daddy around!  I don't want you to ever forget that no matter how old you get.  He has be growing and learning just as fast as you are.  He loves you with a fierce love.  He is excited to come home and see you and you two love to laugh together.  Daddy said he is excited for hockey season so you two can watch together.  I'm sure when you're able to walk you'll have your first pair of skates :) 

I'm sure this next year will be full of fun and laughter and love.  Never forget that daddy and I love you so much!  Comet loves you too!  Keep learning and growing and smiling.  Love you baby boy!


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