Thursday, September 26, 2013

One Month!

Happy One Month to you baby boy!  It's been a struggle some days, but boy do I love you! 

Height & Weight:  He weighed 7lb 13oz at three weeks and 8lbs 6oz the day after one month.  He's a big, growing boy :)  We don't have to go back to the pediatrician until two months, so I'll have some measurements next month.

Health:  The first week of Kai's life he dealt with high levels of bilirubin in his blood.  Bilirubin is the product in the blood that makes the yellow part of bruises.  Since pushing took me and the babe so long and he came out sunnyside up he had a huge bruise on his head.  Older people are able to process bilirubin, but newborns are not because their livers are underdeveloped.  If it's not taken care of it can cause numerous problems neurologically.  With that said he had an eventful first week.  He had blood taken at the hospital and then each day for three days after we were home to check his levels.  Poor guy had so many marks on his heals.  His levels were so high he had to have a "bili" blanket.  Poor little guy!  He was a champ and didn't mind it.  We worked hard together feeding/eating/staying on the light and got him off of it within 24 hours!  The home health nurse said that's phenomenal. Other than that Kai is a healthy little man!

Kai hooked up to his "bili" blanket.

Sleep:  Kai usually wakes up twice per night every 2.5-4.5 hours.  He is already sleeping in his crib, seems to like it better than the basinet. Thankfully he did so well with the transition because it helps me sleep so much better!

Diet:  Kai is a milk recovery expert (John's nickname after watching Gold Rush).  He is a wonderful eater!  Breastfeeding has not been easy at all, but I'll write an entire post about that :)

Clothes:  He is still wearing all newborn clothing.  It's amazing how tiny the clothing is.  We have no socks that fit him, they are like bags on his feet.  John had to go out to Carter's to pick up a few more outfits because we didn't have enough items that fit him in the beginning.  He is getting bigger though, so I think we'll be moving up in sizes in a few weeks!

Baby Gear Love:  He loves laying in his play gym, listening to the music and looking at the animals. (We have this one.)  I'm very thankful for that gift.  I have been using some Lil' Joey's infant cloth diapers on and off.  A friend lent them to us and they've been great.  It's been a nice, gradual step into cloth diapers.  I can't wait to start using our other dipes :)

Likes:  Snuggling on daddy's warm chest, singing/listening/dancing to music with mommy, his brother Comet, going for walks and making noise.

Dislikes:  Napping in his crib, waiting for food and when his mom takes too long giving him a bath. 

Social:  Kai is smiling at us!  It's such a wonderful feeling!  It's great to see him recognize our voices too.  He knows my voice and his daddy's voice.  He turns his head in the direction of the voices he's hearing.  He's been trying to mimic John's facial expressions as well.      

Milestones: He's smiling.  He follows objects with his eyes.  He can move his head back and forth while on his stomach.  He eats, sleeps and poops, which is typical newborn behavior :)

Nicknames: Boomer, Kai Bo, Baby Boo Boo, Milk Recovery Expert

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